Sunday, 27 May 2012

**Starting a fresh...... The year of development**

As we all know the 2010 Nissan Silvia S14 was always a little behind on spec of the field for the Drift Allstars series so we looked at getting the car more up to the ever increasing spec's of the rest of the field, i'd say my driving had out developed the car do it was time to get up to spec.

After studying many of the cars in professional drifting i decided the best thing was to start again, i have had this car since i started drifting in 2007 and the car has been though a number changes, but nothing like this, for the people who followed the build on facebook and twitter you would have seen me and my good friend Jared tovee and my girlfriend Emily villar and her sister Gabi Villar working some crazy hours to get the car ready on a short schedule.

The chassis went though some extreme changes by Andy @ unit17 and Josh @ jjt motorsport we stripped it down to its raw metal and started space framing the front and losing wieght where we could, doors, wiring, glass, what ever we didnt need was in the skip.

The engine was transported to Garage D to be inspected for rebuild, Julian Smith and Martin Cooksey jumped on it and descovered the engine had suffered some extreme conditions, here the list of issues the engine had on strip down:

  • Camshafts damaged
  • Cylinder head Cracked
  • Headgasket Damaged (oil in water)
  • Pistons Damaged
  • Rings Worn
Pretty much scrap, but needless to say amazing as the car has been Driven all around England for 2 Years and Drifted professionally for 3 years. the engine was mapped to 300BHP/320LBFT Torque, but realisticly it could of only been running 240BHP by the end of the season 2011. it never let us down

So if anyone ever tells you that the SR20DET engine is not a good engine.. there not on this planet.

Every one has been asking for the spec list of the 2012 car so here it is.


Rebuild by Garage D

Thinner Metal Headgasket for Higher compression

Poncams 256's

Cast iron top mount manifold

GTX3071R b.b 0.63 vband housings with WRC spec bearings and high load Oil seals

Tial MVR watercooled External wastgate
all Suppied by CR Turbo Enginnering 01425 638426

Alloy Rad

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


RB25DET Skyline R33 Gearbox and Garage D conversion Plate

Exedy Clutch

4:1 Nismo GT Pro 2 Way Lsd Diff


Driftworks CS2 Coilovers
Driftworks GEOMASTER Hubs front and rear
Driftworks Adjustable arms all round


Rota Torque 17x9.5 ET12

front Neuton NT500 235/45R17
rear Achilles 245/45R17

theres the spec, i will update as new products get fitted

Massive thank you to my 2012 Sponsors

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Cr Turbo Engineering

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Friday, 2 December 2011

**2011 Drift Allstars Summary**

Well long awaited summary of the 2011 season, after coming off a high, finishing 4th place in the 2011 Drift Allstars Championship this year, Here a round up of the year from me. massive thank you to my sponsors and friends. be sure to click the "like button" on my fan page